dialog on Pride

08 – The Fruit Loop

Active from the mid-1940s to the mid-1990s, the “Fruit Loop”—a circuit connecting Roosevelt, Third, Portland, and First streets—became a popular area for queer people, specifically men seeking male companionship. One of the (at the time) oldest bars along this circuit was 307 Lounge, which was open as a safe haven for the community starting in the 1940s, though the location was moved in the 1950s due to a fire. Now, it only exists in patrons’ memories; in 2015, developers demolished the building to build a condo complex.

¹A map featured in Heatstroke’s Dec 2-15, 1999 ed. marking queer safe spaces across the Valley, with the Fruit Loop circled at points 82 & 74.
²A newspaper advertisement for 307 Lounge in The Pride of Phoenix’s March 1979 ed.