dialog on Pride

A minimalist artistic installation consisting of sculpture, poetry, and LGBTQ2S+ history. ↓

We're here to explore the rich history of the queer community and how
society shapes our lives and bodies. Pride is a time to celebrate our
progress, while also recognizing the ongoing journey towards acceptance,
representation, and legal rights for everyone, regardless of their
background or beliefs.

Where We Stand Today

In the midst of recent events, we want to highlight the continued journey for LGBTQ2S+ rights.
We believe in the power of unity and the ongoing fight for equality. Together, we'll keep moving forward on this path towards a more inclusive future.

"dialog on Pride" was directed and proposed by Jeffrey Lazos Ferns. The timeline was written and researched by Val West, who also wrote the featured poem, “The Language.” The sculptures and artwork were created by Lisa Pirro and the lifecasts were created by Jonathan Alexander. In addition, select lyrics from “Body a Commodity,” written by Thomascyne Ryther of the band Burning Bush, were provided for the sculptures.

A Special Thanks To: The Bj Bud Memorial Archives at Arizona State University. Visit the online Bj Bud Memorial Archives →