An intentionally curated, creative and engaging space with a collection of beautiful objects for everyday use, an art book library, and hand crafted coffee, tea and food provisions.

Tom Dixon Chair on a Black Marble Background


Form + function for modern design enthusiasts.

Local Pickup & Delivery Options Available
Blu Dot, Bend Goods and Tom Dixon Logos

We're proud to be the the Arizona retailer of Blu Dot, Bend Goods, Tom Dixon and more.

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Incense burning on a golden platter.

Intentional objects for everyday rituals.

Large TASCHEN Library book on a clear pedestal.

The TASCHEN Library

TASCHEN is the world’s leading art-book publisher focused on innovative illustrated books on art, architecture, design, fashion, film, lifestyle, travel, photography and pop culture.

Coffee, Teas & Mocktails

Specialty espresso & coffee drinks, organic teas, fresh baked goods, charcuterie staples, and a curation of grab and go provisions. 

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