• 13th Amendment

13th Amendment

Designed by Alberto Devon

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Acrylic on canvas
22 x 28


My work is a vibrant dialogue between the gritty pulse of urban culture and the emotive force of neo-expressionism. Growing up in the Midwest, I was surrounded by the raw energy of the streets, where graffiti, hip-hop, and the relentless pace of city life formed a unique tapestry of human experience. This environment has profoundly shaped my artistic vision, driving me to capture the essence of urban life with its inherent beauty, chaos, and complexity.

In my paintings, I seek to explore the interplay between the spontaneous creativity found in street art and the intense emotional expression of neo-expressionism. The bold colors, dynamic compositions, and layered textures in my work reflect the vitality and urgency of the urban landscape. Each piece is a testament to the voices and stories that thrive in city spaces, often marginalized yet brimming with resilience and power. Through my art, I aim to amplify these narratives, creating a visual language that speaks to the collective and individual experiences of urban dwellers.

Urban culture is not just a backdrop for my work but a central theme that drives my creative process. The streets are alive with stories of struggle, joy, resistance, and transformation. By blending these elements with the raw, unfiltered emotion of neo-expressionism, I strive to create works that resonate on a deeply human level. My art challenges viewers to engage with the

often overlooked aspects of city life, encouraging them to see the beauty and significance in the everyday.

Ultimately, my paintings are an homage to the urban environment and its profound influence on contemporary identity. They are a celebration of the dynamic, ever-evolving nature of cities and the people who inhabit them. Through my work, I hope to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of urban culture, highlighting its role in shaping our shared human experience.



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