The Lady Egg

Not My Problem explores the idea of cognitive dissonance and how it shapes our lives on both an individual and global scale. The work alludes to the complexities of our beliefs and values and the discomfort that arises when they conflict. Acknowledging the internal struggle that we all face when our thoughts and actions don't align. The Lady Egg uses a variety of techniques to render her subjects, creating a sense of depth that invites the viewer to consider each character's individual story.

About the Artist: The Lady Egg lives in downtown Phoenix AZ. She studied sculpture at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. She was raised on Windows 95 and Legos. The internet ruined her life in the best way possible. She juggles. She's nostalgic. She paints. She loves power tools an taking naps. She's queer. She values mental health and encourages unhinged vulnerability. She's a big baby pretending to be a real person.